I am currently a 23 year old first year law student at Marquette University. I participate in the virtual world Second Life(r) and have began recently to be interested in the legal aspect of Second Life(r). I would like to expressly deny any expertise in ANY area of the law, especially this one. I am only writing my rambling thoughts and musings, asking questions, and seeking answers, Please feel free to comment if you agree and if you disagree. Feel free to suggest topics, ask questions, or give you insights.

Here is the Terms of Service for Second Life because every legal question within this virtual world will be affected by it.

One day I may feel the courage to make an assertion about someone’s legal right or responsibility. That day will probably not come soon, and I expect that when that day comes, whatever I say will be wrong. SO…I again deny any suggested expertise about the law as it relates to Second Life or any other subject that I may cover.