I have decided that Second Life (r) doesn’t need zoning because, although zoning restricts the use that a parcel of land may be used for, it doesn’t specifically speak to the types of building or landscaping is allowed on the land. For this reason zoning would be useless to prevent areas like the one in the picture. Avatar and prim limits keep certain sims (simulation areas or regions) free from certain activities, and, excepting the mainland, covenants do the rest to keep lag (the bane of all SL) in check as best of possible.

 This short commentary may be disappointing to those who read my post at http://law.marquette.edu/facultyblog/author/ashanti-cook/, but I have researched as much as time allows and found that no more need be said. Anyway, that was just the hook to get you over to this blog (and aren’t you glad that you found this blog).

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**I have in mind a blog about VLOs (Virtual Law Offices), so if you have any information about them, know someone who owns one, or have found any VLO software please let me know. I don’t suggest that I know much, but I do try to get as much of what I write correct as I can.**