I found out at the show taping that a browser based viewer was a consideration for future development. I also found out that there was already a browser based viewer in the works called AjaxLife. Excited I searched for and found the AjaxLife viewer and logged in. I was immediately struck by the fact that I could not see. The viewer had no visual interface. Although it did have almost every other capability, it lacked any option for seeing where you were or moving about in the area you were in. You were allowed to teleport, and upon accepting a teleport from my friends, I stood for 15 minutes being ridiculed and (I was told) being bumped around.

Although unhappy with the disability that such a viewer gave me, I was encouraged, and when I had to send my computer in for repair, I eagerly went back. I found that my login did not work. After reading the blog, I realized that off and on AjaxLife would be banned by Linden Labs(r) and that it should only be a matter of time before I would be able to try again, but it was not to be. I could never log in again.

I went back recently and found that the AjaxLife project is being discontinued. Although the code was steadily improving, the security risks of having such a browser make it impossible for LL to allow AjaxLife to continue to connect to the Second Life(r) grid. Here is the post with more detailed information about why a third party cannot run browser based viewer, such as AjaxLife offered. Although the creator is willing to share the code, it cannot be used publicly. As she states, “It’s a shame, but it’s not surprising, and not really LL’s fault.” The legal liability created by AjaxLife would be any lawyer’s nightmare, whether real or virtual. 🙂

I do hope, though, that Linden Lab will be willing to use and improve the code in order to create a browser based viewer that includes vision and mobility for residents. As I mentioned before,  because I use a laptop and wireless internet, having a light weight viewer like AjaxLife would be very welcome. Also, having a viewer that I could simply log into from any computer (without additional coding and work arounds) would be nice as well.